Live Organic, Live Pure

To start off, let me ask you a question. What is eating up our great country? Drugs? Yeah, sure. Economic instability? May be. Crimes? Definitely. Not one of these has a long term negative effect on our lives and none of these is incurable. But what is that one thing that’s slowly effecting our everyday lives? HYBRID FOODS! Every single one of our foods which we are consuming is grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The chemicals used in fertilizers and pesticides are entering into our bodies at least 3 times a day. The harm these chemicals are doing to our body is immeasurable. Should we continue to do so? Or should we turn to organic agriculture? To find the answers to these questions is whats on my agenda today.

Impacts of artificial foods

Generally we don’t see the negative effects of consuming to much contaminated  food. Because the effects are slow and degenerative , They will eventually reveal them selfs in the form of chronic illnes, when they do, they do some pretty decent damage to our system. The chemicals and other harmful ingredients used in today’s food are responsible for making people prone to different diseases. High blood pressure, high blood sugar level, cardiovascular disease, asthma, sleep apnea, insulin and antibiotic resistance just to name a few..

What’s the solution?

To avert these situations and to remain healthy and hearty, you should change your dietary habbits to include organic foods. Foods that are grown in an organic way have many advantages. It is totally healthy. It is tastier than the mainstream foods that we buy from the stores. And most of all, it won’t leave a negative footprint on our bodies  or so to say, on our next generation’s bodies. Gardening can be the source for you to have the organic foods you want. Just imagine, you have a terrace full of fresh and healthy tomatoes, beans, carrots, and thymes! Not too impossible as agricultural science has made a considerable progression now. It is said that if you can control your food, you can control your health. So the best solution to this situation is the growing of your own food.

The real dilemma

It is absolutely true what they say, “it’s easier said than done”. Having a small garden of your own sounds so lovely. And for those who love gardening, it’s like a paradise a place of contemplation and relaxation. It is easily possible if you live in a house where there’s a backyard. But problems arise when you are living in an apartment. In those cases finding the proper space to make a garden sometimes seems a long gone conclusion. If that is the case, we suggest that if you don’t find space just make it. Sounds creepy? No. Believe me, this idea is neither creepy nor impossible. At VGS Organic we make it possible to turn any of your space into a garden.

Wondering how?

We use some advanced agriculture strategies so that you can make a garden on your rooftop, balcony, restaurant, or office building. No matter if you are single or live in a multi family residence, we can help you grow more than enough. For this we use some next level agriculture system like hydroponics. We also provide organic seeds and seedlings. If you are conscious of what you are eating and planning to do some indoor gardening by yourself, we can deliver you practically everything that you would need to do so. So make a wise decision and turn your home into a garden today.